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Aside from my work at Maale HaCarmel Hospital on the psychogeriatric inpatient unit since July 2022 (Previously worked at Rambam hospital from 2017 - 2022).

I currently work at the Moriah Medical Center in Haifa. My specialties are in the evaluation and treatment of adults age 18 and over. 


I treat individuals with depression and other mood and anxiety disorders including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), psychotic disorders, and dementia of various causes.     

Hello, I am Dr. Stuart Kushner. 

I would like to help you manage your life and mental health more effectively. 

At the Moriah Clinic, our staff consists of specialists from almost all areas of medicine and surgery.


At the Moriah Clinic, our staff consists of specialists from almost all areas of medicine and surgery.

I have been living in Israel since 2016 working at RAMBAM Hospital (2017-2022). Now I work at Maale HaCarmel, primarily in the outpatient mental health clinic. My work there also includes time at the outpatient clinic for the Ministry of Defense (I was trained and am certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) , a treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 


Before moving to Israel I spent 10 years in Research and Development at Johnson & Johnson in New Jersey where I contributed to the development of numerous medications used in psychiatry and neurology (You can read more details in the attached CV). I speak and work both in English and Hebrew.

  • Undergraduate and medical school at Pennsylvania State College and Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia PA (1971- 1976).

  • Internship at NYU Medical Center followed by 3 year residency in neurology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York.

  • Moved for the first time to Israel in 1980, completed residency in psychiatry at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.

  • Returned to the U.S. in 1985 and completed a psychopharmacology fellowship at Einstein Medical Center in Bronx, New York.

  • Subsequently was in private practice in New Jersey in adult and geriatric psychiatry, while also consulting at several nursing homes and senior assisted living facilities.

  • I am triple boarded in neurology psychiatry, and geriatric psychiatry.

In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit, watching movies, listening to music, reading and studying foreign languages :)


Practice Areas

I specialize in the treatment of psychiatric disorders in adults age 18 and over

Mood Disorders


Individuals suffering from depression usually experience a feeling of sadness or diminished interest in their usual activities. They may even be apathetic towards their loved ones. They may  -> Read more...





Psychotic Disorders


Individuals with these disorders experience symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions, which are false beliefs such as the conviction that others are following them, trying to harm them in some -> Read more...


Cognitive Disorders


As we live longer lives, this group of disorders is becoming more commonly diagnosed. Although not limited to the elderly, dementia is certainly more frequent in this age group. -> Read more...


Anxiety Disorders


Although everyone experiences anxiety as a part of normal life, these individuals have abnormally high levels of anxiety, stress, tension and worrying that interfere with daily life. -> Read more...

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